Finally, an edge runtime that works out-of-the-box with Next.js, Remix, Nuxt, and more. Check it out!

Build the future
of the web

Netlify unites an entire ecosystem of modern tools and services into a single, simple workflow for building high performance sites and apps.

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Netlify Edge Functions


Run web apps closer to your users

  • Built on open web standards with Deno
  • Starting with support for 7 popular frameworks
  • TypeScript, Wasm, & ES Modules
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Command Line Interface showing an example of an edge function supported by popular frameworks like Eleventy, Remix, Astro, Next JS, Nuxt, Svelte, and Hydrogen
Server less, do more

Give your sites the edge

Create amazing experiences for the web in record time—without thinking once about servers or devops.

The fastest possible web frontends

Programmable Edge
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Instant cloud-scale backend apis

Serverless Functions
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  1. 1. Connect your repository

    Netlify detects the changes to push to Git and triggers automated deploys.

  2. 2. Add your build settings

    Netlify provides you a powerful and totally customizable build environment.

    yarn build
  3. 3. Deploy your website

    Publishing is seamless with instant cache invalidation and atomic deploys.

    Site is live ✨

Build the sites you want
with the tools you love

  • Build an e-commerce site with Next.js, Contentful, and Netlify
  • Build web applications with Angular, Fauna, and Netlify
  • Create an e-commerce site with Vue, Shopify, and Netlify
  • Author online docs with Eleventy, Markdown, and Netlify
  • Launch global campaigns with Gatsby, Sanity, and Netlify
  • Build a conference site with React, Airtable, and Netlify

The most comprehensive
platform for web projects

Deploy & Collaborate

With just seconds of setup, the Netlify platform provides teams everything to take modern web projects from the first preview to full production

Integrations & Serverless

Trigger automated deploys, integrate dozens of third-party services, and easily create serverless APIs

Plugins & Customization

Use any of your favorite site generators, build technologies, or frameworks. Plugins add even more features to the build process and you can even write your own

Ship fast. Ship better.

The team workflow
that makes teamwork flow

Deployment? Done — with best practices baked right in

  • Built-in CI/CD
  • Domains & DNS management
  • Automated previews of every commit

It’s designed to work together as part of a seamless Git-based developer workflow.

Add to cart Light Roast bb1147f Deploy preview for www ready!Built with commit netlify BOT commented 3 hours ago
Netlify automatically adds preview links right in Github
Get an instant backend for any form by adding the Netlify attribute
<form name="profile" data-netlify="true"> <h1>Create profile</h1> a Create profile Send new submissions to a Slack channel Slack integration Send new submissions as POST request Outgoing webhook Send new submissions via email Email notification Add notification

Add dynamic functionality with built‑in applications

With very little coding or setup, Netlify makes it easy to add features like:

  • User identity
  • Serverless functions
  • Instant forms
  • Split testing & rollouts
  • Analytics
  • Large media

Customize your projects with your own build tools or microservices

Netlify discovers and installs your project dependencies and allows you to write powerful plugins that hook into any stage of the build process.

Explore build plugins or create your own
module.exports = () => { return { name: "netlify-plugin-image-optim", onPostBuild: async config => { const files = {}; Optimize images during your builds Image optim plugin Analyze & optimize your web fonts usage Subfont plugin Notify and stop build if a11y checks fails A11y plugin
Use build plugins from the community or create your own
Page title Page settings Site settings Page Content
There are many easy ways to integrate headless CMS options

Connect the entire Jamstack ecosystem to build apps faster

Use hosted API services to provide advanced functionality for your applications in record time, with no new infrastructure to manage. It’s superpowers for frontend teams.

Explore Jamstack architecture
Maciej Malesa

Moving all LiveChat websites to Netlify has empowered our Web Dev Team to iterate fast and independently.

Maciej Malesa, CTO, LiveChat