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Faster Sites


Post-process your site and automatically optimize font loading at every build. By munter

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Optimizes your site’s caching to maximize the time static assets are cached in a visitor’s browser. By munter

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After every build, SpeedCurve will trigger a round of site speed testing. By tkadlec

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Sean Homer

With performance being one important driver for our use of Jamstack on client projects, Build Plugins has made it easy for my team to tune our build workflows to specific technologies we’re using on a project.

Sean Homer , Frontend Development Lead, Therefore

More efficient developer workflow

Prisma provider

Replace the database provider in Prisma’s schema.prisma at build time. By cannikin

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Gatsby Cache

Persist the Gatsby cache between Netlify builds for huge speed improvements! By jlengstorf

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Search index

Generate a search Index of your site you can query via JavaScript or a Netlify Function. By sw-yx

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Jibin Thomas

With the Gatsby Cache Plugin on my Gatsby site I got 2× faster builds on Netlify. Earlier builds took 4 minutes. Now it’s less than 1.5 minutes!

Jibin Thomas , Frontend Developer

More reliable sites

No more 404

Warn or fail your build when there are missing html pages compared to your last build. By sw-yx

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Keep asset references correct and avoid broken links to internal and external pages. By munter

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Sentry logo

At every build, use Sentry with Netlify to automate release management and surface critical errors before they hit production. By getsentry

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Gleb Bahmutov

Developers love how simple and powerful Netlify is for Continuous Delivery (CD) and hosting. Plugins make that workflow even more powerful. We created a Plugin that runs an end-to-end Cypress test at every build.

Gleb Bahmutov , VP Engineering, Cypress

Easy install from
the Netlify UI

Build Plugins are an easy way to expand what your builds are capable of.

Click to install the plugin you need

List of Plugins to install: Sitemap, Speedcurve, Gatsby Cache, Cypress Test

Select the sites where you want the plugin enabled

The plugin will now run with every deploy!

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Can’t find what you need? Build your own

Everyone’s build environment is different. If you need a Build Plugin that’s not in the catalog, you can create it youself, then share with the community!

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